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Essie Tour de Finance

My nails and I just aren’t friends at the moment. There’s messy painting, tip drag, chipping, breaking, dry cuticles. My nails just look sad. Because of this I found myself poking through the spring and summer offerings to find a new polish to cheer myself up with. After nearly picking up yet another blue polish, I decided on Essie Tour de Finance. It’s a hot pink, a colour I definitely didn’t have in my stash already. I don’t have many pinks of any kind.

Tour de Finance looked like a creme under the bright lights in the shop. I love cremes, and was disappointed to find that Tour de Finance is in fact a shimmer. A shimmer with a blue flash, at that — a colour combination I find to look sickly at best.

This polish can not cheer me up the way I hoped for, but the application was very nice.