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Luxe Marzipan

IsaDora Marzipan

I’m a sucker for green polishes. I’m a sucker for pastels. It’s a complete coincidence that IsaDora’s Marzipan followed me home from the shop today, honestly.

Marzipan is opaque in two coats, and reasonably well-behaved for a pastel. It’s not chalky, but does dry very quickly. It also felt like the polish was thickening in the bottle while I was painting. I expect I’ll have to thin this polish sooner rather than later.

My gaming group is playing Changeling: The Lost tomorrow, and green nails is par for the course on Changeling nights. However, plain green will not do for a game of faeries and magic. Additional coats of China Glaze Luxe and Lush provide the required sparkle.

Luxe and Lush is a golden flakie polish with a transparent base. The flakie density is nowhere near as good as Nfu.Oh’s pretty much perfect flakie polishes, but two coats give adequate sparkliness for this manicure.

Marzipan + Luxe and Lush

We’re ready to game!