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No more Facebook

For a long time now, I’ve used Nutshellmail to stay on top of my social media. Rather than visiting a website fifty-seven times per hour only to find no interesting updates, I get an email a couple of times per day with just the new stuff. Instead of wasting hours on a website, I spend at most a few minutes. It’s an excellent solution.

However, Facebook doesn’t want excellent solutions. Nutshellmail explains (emphasis mine):

Upcoming Facebook Changes – April 30, 2015

Today, NutshellMail supports two types of Facebook connections: Profiles & Pages. (Your personal Facebook account is a Profile. Businesses, communities, and other non-personal entities on Facebook are Pages.)

Facebook Pages are not affected by the changes below — you’ll still see the latest posts, comments, and likes for your Page. No action is required.

Starting April 30, your personal Facebook Profile won’t be displayed as a connected account in NutshellMail email updates or in your NutshellMail account. Facebook has changed their policy and will stop providing this data to partners, so this affects all services that connect to Facebook, not just us! We wish they weren’t making this change, and we’re very sorry for the inconvenience.

Going forward, we’ll be improving the content we display from your Facebook Pages. For example, we recently added information about who views & interacts with your Page & posts.

Thanks for your understanding, and thanks for using NutshellMail!

Facebook wants me to waste hours on their website. Facebook wants me to consume updates through their algorithmically manipulated feed, and thus experience whatever manipulation they want to apply to me. Me getting updates efficiently and quickly through an external service doesn’t make me a good product, and so Facebook is shutting that avenue down in the hopes of forcing me back to their own site.

It’s not working.

Instead of becoming a good Facebook drone, I will simply stop checking it. I’ll miss all those updates. Because even under the best of circumstances, keeping up with Facebook manually is quite frankly boring. I can’t be bothered.

Friends who only communicate via Facebook: Sorry, I’ll only be occasionally updated on your doings from now on. I’ll be happy to meet you elsewhere, be it a different social medium or over a cup of coffee.

Companies who only advertise their products via Facebook: Sorry, you’ll be getting a lot less of my money from now on. Consider starting an email newsletter or something.

I’ll still be posting, or at least I will be until they decide to shut down whatever functions Buffer use.