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It’s so shiny. I want it.

Last days of Fitbit Ultra

I got my Fitbit Ultra a little less than two years ago, and I’ve been wearing it daily since. If assorted forums are anything to go by, people lose and replace these things every six months, so mine is practically ancient.

And it really looks it. This is what my Fitbit Ultra looks like as of today:

Broken Fitbit Ultra

The scuffs and scrapes have been there for ever, bits of the outer casing started falling off months back, and today the outer casing has come loose from the back, exposing the electronics within.

The unit still works, and I hope it will continue to do so for a while longer. I was hoping to upgrade to the Force, but the european release date has been pushed back to “spring 2014”.

As much as I’d hate to leave two years of data behind, the Withings Pulse and associated ecosystem is looking sexier by the minute.

Christmas Wish List

Here it is, the list of shiny expensive things my greedy little self would love to get for christmas.

7″ tablet

I already own a tablet and an ebook reader. They’re both lovely, but the 10″ Transformer Prime is a bit too big to carry with me all the time, and the Sony Reader Pocket doesn’t do anything that isn’t reading ebooks. The Nexus 7 looks like it would hit the sweet spot between those two devices, giving me one flexible and extremely portable gadget.

As a bonus, as a Nexus device it won’t come with vendor specific crapware that makes me scream in frustration, root the damn thing, and deal with the many issues of hacked ROMs instead.


I’ve been learning how to work flashes properly this autumn, and it’s been wonderful. I don’t have any flashes of my own, but I’d like one. Or two. Or three!

Something shiny like Nikon SB-700 would be lovely, but I struggle to believe it’s worth the price when the Yongnuo YN-565 exists. Even the super cheapo Yongnuo YN-460 II does all the things I absolutely need a flash to do.

Handbag / camera bag

As a wearer of women’s clothes, I carry a handbag quite often. I own a small selection of bags, but nine out of ten times I use the same Trunk&co bag. This bag is now literally disintegrating, and I have to replace it soon.

I have yet to find the perfect replacement; a flexible bag that can keep my camera safe. The Shibata and the Bowery are both gorgeous bags. The Snoop Camera Messenger looks flexible but not pretty. The Medium Cafe Bag isn’t made with cameras in mind, but it’s roomy and I know the quality is good. Choices, choices!

Assorted photo goodies

Some flash gels would be neat. A flash bender would definitely be useful. A Lensbaby Spark could be a fun toy. A bokeh kit would be interesting to play with.


d20monkey has convinced me I need a copy of Dread in my life. And a Jenga set, obviously.