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Isadora magnetic polishes

Gun Metal, Steel My Heart, Northern Light
Gun Metal, Steel My Heart, Northern Light

Magnetics is one of the special polish types I really like, and Isadora’s offerings look quite seductive. The colours are dark, duochrome, and packed with multicoloured shimmer. The magnets are not attached to the bottles, and while every bottle comes with the same pattern, additional patterns are sold separately. There are many reasons I should like, perhaps even love these polishes.

But I don’t.

The polishes annoyed me even before I had bought one. The magnet is attached to a piece of cardboard, and the cardboard wrapped around the bottle cap. The way the bottles are placed in the nail polish stand in the shop means the most convenient way to lift one out for a closer look is by grabbing the cap, and here comes the problem: The cardboard is not attached in any way. When I lifted a bottle out, the cardboard was tight enough to let me do this without problem, but not tight enough to hold on for more than a few seconds — which means the bottle crashed down and smashed against the floor, splattering polish all over the place. Even so, I bought three bottles — lifting them out with considerably more care.

The application leaves something to be desired. Every other magnetic polish I’ve used have been single-coaters. Isadora’s require a minimum of two coats. Not a huge deal, but an annoyance, considering Isadora’s brush is too wide for my fingernails. This makes it difficult to make neat edges. Even after cleanup I have the messy result you can see below.

The magnet is quite strong. The pattern shows up mere moments after placing the magnet, and the lines are nice and crisp. However, every topcoat I own erases the pattern completely. Using the magnet again immediately after applying topcoat brings the pattern back, but the lines are now soft and blurry.

Northern Light on the nail
Northern Light on the nail

The lovely duochrome is not entirely gone, but it is hiding well. Northern Lights, which has clear greens and purples showing in the bottle, is a dark grey on the nails. The greens and purples come out only rarely.

I’m quite disappointed.

Essie Tour de Finance

My nails and I just aren’t friends at the moment. There’s messy painting, tip drag, chipping, breaking, dry cuticles. My nails just look sad. Because of this I found myself poking through the spring and summer offerings to find a new polish to cheer myself up with. After nearly picking up yet another blue polish, I decided on Essie Tour de Finance. It’s a hot pink, a colour I definitely didn’t have in my stash already. I don’t have many pinks of any kind.

Tour de Finance looked like a creme under the bright lights in the shop. I love cremes, and was disappointed to find that Tour de Finance is in fact a shimmer. A shimmer with a blue flash, at that — a colour combination I find to look sickly at best.

This polish can not cheer me up the way I hoped for, but the application was very nice.

Luxe Marzipan

IsaDora Marzipan

I’m a sucker for green polishes. I’m a sucker for pastels. It’s a complete coincidence that IsaDora’s Marzipan followed me home from the shop today, honestly.

Marzipan is opaque in two coats, and reasonably well-behaved for a pastel. It’s not chalky, but does dry very quickly. It also felt like the polish was thickening in the bottle while I was painting. I expect I’ll have to thin this polish sooner rather than later.

My gaming group is playing Changeling: The Lost tomorrow, and green nails is par for the course on Changeling nights. However, plain green will not do for a game of faeries and magic. Additional coats of China Glaze Luxe and Lush provide the required sparkle.

Luxe and Lush is a golden flakie polish with a transparent base. The flakie density is nowhere near as good as Nfu.Oh’s pretty much perfect flakie polishes, but two coats give adequate sparkliness for this manicure.

Marzipan + Luxe and Lush

We’re ready to game!