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Beauteque Head to Toe Milk Bag

Beauteque’s Head to Toe bags are themed single-purchase bags. They’re less mysterious than comparable bags/boxes, as you get to choose the variant for 2-3 products, and most of the products are pictured (but not described) when you purchase.

The theme for this bag is milk. All the products contain or are somehow related to milk.

The bag itself is black and white with a woven texture, and nearly fits all the products.

Head to Toe Milk Bag

Secret Key Milk Brightening Toner

Secret Key Milk Brightening Toner

The product card description of this toner is so buzzwordy it doesn’t even make sense. No, really: Ions are good for your skins “immunity”? Surprisingly enough, I don’t care. This product smells wonderful, feels wonderful, and just makes my skin feel good. This should come in handy six-packs for easy purchase.

Skinfood Wildberry Milk Cleansing Foam

Skinfood Wildberry Milk Cleansing Foam

This foaming cleanser feels quite luxurious. It’s so nice and relaxing to massage my face with this, but it does make my skin feel on the dry side afterwards. That’s a bad sign, but I will still use up this tube of delicious foamy goodness, I just won’t use it every day.

Secret Key Milk Hand Cream

Secret Key Milk Hand Cream

The milk used in this hand cream is donkey milk. Why not!

The product card claims this is a light weight hand cream. Personally I think this is one of the thickest and richest hand creams I’ve ever used. That said, it’s absorbed surprisingly quickly, and the greasy feeling after is minimal. One of the better creams I’ve used on winter dry hands.

Milk Wash Off Sponge

Milk Wash Off Sponge

I feel the milk link is tenuous here — what kind of “milk properties” can a sponge have? But there is an adorable cow on the packaging! Three cheers for adoracow!

There are two large sponges — each is nearly as big as my hand — in the pack. The feel on the skin is similar to a konjac sponge, but denser and softer. Very comfortable and relaxing. If the toner should come in a six-pack, these sponges should come in boxes of a dozen. And I’d order two.

3W Climic Milk Mask

3W Clinic Milk Mask

Oooh, a sheet mask. I like sheet masks. I do, however, have a literal boxful of sheet masks waiting to be used, and this will join the pile to be used some day.

Skinfood Shea Butter Milk Lip Care Balm

Skinfood Shea Butter Milk Lip Care Balm

This lip balm feels very similar to the hand cream. Rich, thick, and a serious solution to winter dry lips. I’ll happily keep this stashed in my handbag.

Skinfood Milk Creamy Nail Polish

Skinfood Milk Creamy Nail Polish

Such a cute little bottle with such a cute pastel colour. I’m a bit bored with nail polish at the moment, but this is top of my list to try for spring.


Wow. I will use every product in this bag, and I love the bag it came in. I’m even likely to repurchase several of these products. Major hit for me.

Bag value

This bag cost $25 plus $8.95 in shipping. Beauteque sells the individual products for the stated retail values, so the stated prices don’t feel hilariously jacked up as those by some other box sellers do.

Pretty decent value for money here, all in all!

Product Stated Retail Value
Secret Key Milk Brightening Toner $19
Skinfood Wildberry Milk Cleansing Foam $12
Secret Key Milk Hand Cream $6.50
Milk Wash Off Sponge $10
3W Climic Milk Mask $3
Skinfood Shea Butter Milk Lip Care Balm $7
Skinfood Milk Creamy Nail Polish $8.50
Total bag value $66

L.vida Baby Angel

L.vida Nail Polish LC-06 Baby Angel

Woo, it’s not a sheer bridal pink! It’s a thick, nearly opaque baby pink creme that unfortunately applies very patchily. Even after two coats there are visible bald patches.

I’ll try thinning it before I wear it again, if I decide to wear it again. I don’t particularly like the colour on me, although I’m starting to want darker autumn colours now, and this is definitely a spring colour.

Even with a sturdy top coat, this polish chipped on me after only two days.

L.vida Baby Angel is available from Memebox.

Lip Factory August 2014

Lip Factory is am american subscription beauty box with a focus on lip products. I’ve subscribed to it for a few months, and my general impression so far is not very good. The boxes are sent out late each month, so shipping time ensures I won’t get it until the following month (and after I’ve been charged for the next box). The packaging was good for the first couple of boxes I received, with a black Lip Factory box inside a shipping box, but they dropped the inner box months back. The filler material inside the box is nasty brown paper strips, which is probably environmentally friendly but looks ugly and smells bad.

In opening the August 2014 box, the first thing I noticed was that all the products were covered in a fine brown dust. The exact same brown as the filler strips. I attempted to clean it off before photographing, so now I have brown dust everywhere on myself instead. Lovely.

There’s no theme to this box, so the products are a typical random beauty box selection.

LASplash Mineral Blush

LASplash Mineral Blush

Feeling cheeky? Open this month’s beauty box and discover a fabulous, long wearing cheek color to fit your most blushing of moods. This pure mineral blush will give you a beautiful, healthy tone that looks ultra natural. LASplash Mineral Blush creates a soft, radiant glow ideal for all skin types, including sensitive and problematic skin… So don’t be afraid to brush on this blush.

I got this in Beach Party, a pale pink with shimmer. I like the colour a lot, but I’m not sure I want shimmer in my blush.

This blush comes in the form of loose powder in a sifter jar. I’ve had loose powder blushes before, and when I say “had,” I mean I’ve thrown them all out.

I strongly doubt I’ll use this, so this goes into the swap box unopened.

LASplash Lip Lacquer

LASplash Lip Lacquer

We love our gloss here at the Lip Factory! This one from LASplash is a great addition to our addiction. Sheer coverage with a hi-shine finish is the perfect combination for the ultimate hydrated lips. Infused with vanilla mint this non-stick, moisturizing formula is enriched with nourishing Vitamin E and Shea Butter. Beautiful finish and good for your lips… sounds perfect to us!

I got this in Barely There.

It’s a lip gloss. I have never met a lip gloss I haven’t actively disliked or worse. I’ll pass.

Medusa’s Makeup Stick It Eye Primer

Medusa's Makeup Stick It Eye Primer

Train that eye shadow to sit and stay all day and night! Smooth a thin layer of this all natural primer on your lids and demand your eye products to stay put. It’s not only great for eye shadows but absolutely perfect for pigments. As an added bonus there’s no color to it, so it can easily be used on any and all skin tones.

The lid on this jar was loose when I took it out of the box, and the actual product is partially covered in a fine layer of brown dust. Lovely.

I will clean it up and use it, though. Without a good primer I may as well not bother with eyeshadow, so having a stash is essential. While I prefer my primers in packaging that doesn’t require tools to use, I haven’t tried this brand before and look forward to seeing how it performs.

Cult Nails Lacquer

Cult Nails Lacquer

All Cult Nails lacquers are made with a vegan friendly formula, contain no animal byproducts, and are never tested on animals! They are also free of Dibutyl Phalates (DBP), Toulene, Formaldehyde, Camphor, and Formaldehyde Resin.

The list of Scary Nail Polish Chemicals has grown from three to five in the last few years, and I see this one ticks all the boxes. I’m always annoyed to see this list, because it’s 80% scare-mongering. Less bullshit in my cosmetics, please.

That said, I love the look of this polish in the bottle, and I’ve heard many good things about Cult Nails. Looking forward to trying this.

I got this in Dance All Night. It applies about as well as a chunky glitter like this can.

Cult Nails Lacquer swatch

Pink Powder Parlor Lipstick

Pink Powder Parlor Lipstick

Our name isn’t Lip Factory for nothing! We can’t live without lippies around here. We feel like lipstick is pretty essential to complete a makeup look, and is one cosmetic that few women are ever without! You won’t be able to resist this lipstick from Pink Powder Parlor. This lipstick will glide on effortlessly and won’t slip and slide off your pout. It is Vitamin E enriched which has a soothing and healing property to it and adds much needed moisture to keep those lips, super, extra kissable and who doesn’t want that?

I received this in 301. There is no name or even brand markers on the packaging. Speaking of the packaging, this matte black tube doesn’t just look really stylish, it also offers noticable resistance when opening. This is not going to come open in my bag.

I initially thought this light pink would go on sheer, but nope. This is a full-coverage pink, and it actually doesn’t make my pale face look ghostly. That puts it on a very short list of wearable light pinks for me. Just a shame it’s arriving around autumn time, when I’m more likely break out the wines and berries.

Pink Powder Parlor Lipstick swatch

The texture of this lipstick is thick and bit dry. It doesn’t feel drying, but the product sensation is strong. I can very much feel that I have something on my lips, more so than with other lipsticks. It transfers lightly enough that I expect it will survive a cup of tea, and possibly a non-greasy meal.

Red Cherry False Lashes

Red Cherry False Lashes

Wanna add some glam to your completed eye look? We thought the answer would be yes, so we went ahead and added some lashes to your August box! These Red Cherry lashes are designed to create various effects and to naturally accentuate different eye shapes. Made of 100% human hair, these lashes come in various natural and glam styles to add instant wink to your eyes.

I received these in #110. I’ve never worn false lashes, and should I decide to try, I don’t think these would be the place to start. They look kind of scary. Maybe for Halloween?


Lip Factory continues to be 50/50 on the hit and miss for me. The stated retail value for the items I’ll definitely use don’t add up to the price I paid for the box. I continue to wonder why I’m still subscribing to this.

Box value

This box cost $22 plus $10 in shipping.

Product Stated retail value
LASplash Mineral Blush $15
LASplash Lip Lacquer $9
Medusa’s Makeup Stick It Eye Primer $8
Cult Nails Lacquer $12
Pink Powder Parlor Lipstick $10
Red Cherry False Lashes $2.50
Total box value $56.5

Memebox Special #26 Hand & Nail Care

You may have noticed that I’m a bit of a nail polish enthusiast, so naturally I grabbed Memebox Special #26 Hand & Nail Care when it became available.

The description says:

At Memebox, we believe that healthy and pretty hands are a girl’s best accessory, that hands should be as smooth as a baby’s bottom and that crazy manis are the best pick-me-up for any crappy day! So, treat and moisturise hands and nails to prevent early signs of aging, strengthen and pamper nails to perfection to create that impeccable nail salon-done look!

I feel reasonably certain I’ve seen most of what the nail market has to offer, so I’m expecting staple products from new brands here rather than anything brand new and super exciting. Let’s see!

PURE SKIN Hand Care Pack

PURE SKIN Hand Care Pack

The grape extracts, witch hazel, grapefruit extracts, collagen, baobab tree extracts, and olive leaf extracts included in the Hand Care Pack not only work to deeply moisturize and nourish your roughened hands but also to remove any excess skin impurities and firm up signs of aging on your hands!

This looks to be a sheet mask for your hands, which should probably be called a glove mask. I assume your hands will be useless for the 20-30 minutes you’re supposed to wear these, so you’d better remember to pee first.

I’m curious what kind of “skin impurities” are so common on hands that there are products to remove them. Seriously, I have no idea.

SUR 3D Nail Art Kit

SUR 3D Nail Art Kit

Create gorgeous nail art in minutes with this revolutionary polish that uses a Nail Art Pen to create an amazing nail art design.

This kit contains a dark green magnetic polish, a magnet with a stripe design, and a nail art pen in dark blue. Neither of these things are revolutionary, but they do make for a nice kit.

I have some doubts about the colour choices, though. I don’t think the blue is going to show up very well against the green, and what’s the point of having these items in a kit if you can’t use them together?

I may already have a magnetic polish of this colour, and I definitely have a magnet with this pattern, so those go the swap box. The pen stays with me.

PURE PLUS Hydrogel Moisturizing Nail Patch

PURE PLUS Hydrogel Moisturising Nail Patch

Enriched with collagen, milk, pearl powder, gold, and paraffin, this hydro-gel type Nail Patch delivers intense moisturise and nutrition deep into your nails within just 20 minutes of application, for a visible improvement in your nail condition.

The picture on the product card shows a packet that is indeed labeled PUREPLUS, but as you can see the packet I received is labeled ROCKACHIC. The font and style is exactly the same, though, and the sticker on the back of my packet says PUREPLUS.

This product looks like it will be excellent for emergency care. My hands have started drying out in the winter, so I expect to give this a go a cold winter’s day.

with shan Dr. Care Set

with shan Dr. Care Set

This Dr. Care Set is an emergency kit for your split, broken nails. Dr.001 strengthens from the root of your nails and works to protect them from further damage. Then, use the Paper File to file away the nails into the right shape and length.

This looks like a pretty typical nail strengthener. I have very soft and weak nails, so I use such a product every time I paint my nails. I don’t know if they actually help, but I do it anyway.

The nail file is … a paper nail file. Nothing more to say about that.

I have several bottles of nail strengthener already, so this will live in the swap box for now.

BARBINIE Shea Butter Hand Cream

BARBINIE Shea Butter Hand Cream

Enriched with abundant shea butter and aloe vera extracts, this Shea Butter Hand Cream delivers deep nourishment and moisture relief and helps maintain moist, supple hands.

A hand cream was a given for this box. The scent was chosen randomly, I received Violet Musk. The tube is sealed, so I can’t easily decide if the scent is okay for my sensitive nose.

Shara Shara Soft Hand Gommage

Shara Shara Soft Hand Gommage

This is a gentle, moisturizing peeling gel for dry, callused hands. The Gommage works to remove any hardened calluse and skin impurities, leaving your hands soft and silky smooth.

Again with the skin impurities.

I don’t really need or use scrubs or peels anywhere, and I wasn’t even aware that hand peels existed until this moment. Straight to the swap box.

with shan Baby Hand Set

with shan Baby Hand Set

Infused with lemon juice and vitamin E, the Treatment Oil is gentle on the skin and helps nourish and soften the roughened calluses and cuticles on your nails. The Nail Wall File then works to gently file away away the softened calluses and cuticles, making your hands moist and soft like real baby hands!

The oil sounds like a pretty typical nail oil, but the file confuses me. The instructions say to soak the file with the oil, then file away “all hardened sides and cuticles.” Does this mean you’re supposed to use the file on the skin around the nail? It sure sounds that way.

I’m pretty freaked out by the thought of filing away my cuticles, so I think I’ll just ignore the file and use this as any other nail oil.

The type of this product was selected randomly. I received Lemon Treatment Oil.


I got pretty much exactly what I expected in this box. Most of the products are useful to me, but I also already have most of them, just from other brands.

This box would be excellent for someone who is just getting into nail polish. Just put a bow on the box and you have a gift ready to go.

Box value

This box cost $23 plus $6.99 in shipping.

It contains five full-size products and two single-use packets.

Product Stated Retail Value
PURE SKIN Hand Care Pack $4
SUR 3D Nail Art Kit $29
PURE PLUS Hydrogel Moisturizing Nail Patch $8
with shan Dr. Care Set $13
BARBINIE Shea Butter Hand Cream $18
Shara Shara Soft Hand Gommage $6
with shan Baby Hand Set $9
Total box value $87
Since writing this review, Memebox has changed significantly. They no longer publish frequent & interesting boxes, and they no longer ship outside of the US.

Memebox Special #23 Girls’ Night Out

It’s time to open up the Memebox Special #23 Girls’ Night Out! The description says:

Nothing beats spending time with your besties! Who else is going to be there for you through your ups and downs, from your most unlovable moments to your silliest? Now, glam up and make unforgettable Instagram-worthy memories with your best girlies with our Girls’ Night Out Box! Save the muted nude makeup for the office, and add some pizzazz to your look with bold look-at-me lashes, drama queen cheeks, and red carpet worthy lips for a never-ending clubbing night! Complete your clubbing look with your favourite party dress and killer heels for an unforgettable night!

This is describing someone who is … not me. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything even remotely like that, nor have I ever desired to. Hopefully I’ll find something I like anyway? The chances are good, because this is the most densely packed Memebox I’ve received so far.

Kskin Bulgarian Rose Pheromone Perfume Pink Angel

Kskin Bulgarian Rose Pheromone Perfume Pink Angel

Infused with rosa centifolia flower water, rosa damascene flower oil, and white musk fragrance, this roll-on type perfume can be applied easily and quickly just before heading out for a romantic date or a party out with your girls.

I’m not all that big on smells. My nose seems very sensitive to some component frequently used in perfumes, so most perfumes smell soapy and artifical to me. This perfume falls into that category. There’s a definite rosey scent to it, but it smells like a scented deodorant.

A shame, because I like the packaging. It’s beautiful and roll-ons are as practical as perfume can yet.

Forest Story Water Essence Hair Perfume Soft Soap Fragrance

Forest Story Water Essence Hair Perfume Soft Soap Fragrance

A quick spritz of this Water Essence Hair Perfume will deliver moisture and nutrition to your dry hair and and a nice soapy fragrance that’ll rid away any food or cigarette smell at the same time!

… so here’s a scented product intended to smell like soap. Oh good. I do love random irony.

It definitely smells soapy. Not particularly nice, but not particularly bad, either. I don’t have dry hair, but I’ll keep this for the “get rid of cigarette smell” promise. While I don’t like this soapy scent, I’ll take it over smoke stink any day.

A.m.oK cosmetics N.S.M Soft Moose Waterproof Liquid Line

A.m.oK cosmetics N.S.M Soft Moose Waterproof Liquid Line

A liquid-type eye shadow in four of the most popular shades, N.S.M Soft Moose Waterproof Liquid Line is much easier to apply than the average powdery shadows which simply do not last long enough in the state of your exact liking. This liquid shadow offers beautifully pearly, glittery, and glossier finish that fixes your eye makeup perfectly in place all day and all night.

Soft moose

I hate this product just from typing out the name. My fingers nearly knotted themselves in attempting to type out this ugly mess of uppercase, lowercase, and punctuation.

At the same time, I am highly amused. Soft moose? I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

The colour of this product was selected randomly. I received 550 Elegance Purple. It looks and behaves like any other mousse eyeshadow.

A.m.oK cosmetics N.S.M Soft Moose Waterproof Liquid Line swatch

Secret-Stargirl S-Style 2set

Secret-Stargirl S-Style 2set

Add more definition and volume to your eyes with Secret-Stargirl’s popular girl-group lashes that come in five different styles to match your mood and day!

As I believe I just mentioned, I haven’t used false lashes. These ones also look pretty scary.

There’s no mention of what these lashes are made of in any language I understand.

Croquis Dual Concealer 02

Croquis Dual Concealer 02

Containing an anti-wrinkle concealer and a spot concealer in both ends, this Dual Concealer is definitely a must-have for when you’re heading out for a good night out, because Dual concealer will take care of any extra coverage needed or even possible emergency redness of skin or smudges around your eyes.

I’m still looking for that perfect concealer. Could this be it? It does appear to be pale enough for me, and the coverage looks good.

Croquis Dual Concealer 02 swatch

A.m.oK cosmetics N.S.M Special Nail Lacquer

A.m.oK cosmetics N.S.M Special Nail Lacquer

These are high-quality nail lacquers which come in a variety of trendy, radiant, and glittery colors to be worn for any occasion from a party night, a graduation dinner, to even a beach day out! They’ll be a fun, colorful addition to your hands!

Argh, that horrible name again. Fuck A.m.oK cosmetics and the horse they rode in on.

The colours of these products were randomly selected. I received OR239 and OR208, neither of which are listed on the product card. They look blissfully glitter and shimmer free.

Kepaclub Maxi Lip Tint Glow

Kepaclub Maxi Lip Tint Glow

Maxi Lip Tint Glow goes beyond simple lip coloring. It moisturizes, removes dead skin, and plump up your otherwise dry, chapped lips! With a long-lasting, silky finish, it glides onto your lips and steins it naturally like a tint.

The search is over, guys! I’ve found the BB cream of lip colours! Moisturising is a common claim these days, and plumping isn’t exactly uncommon either, but exfoliation in a colour product? That’s a new one.

The colour of this product was chosen randomly. I think I received 01 Classic Pink. It’s boring, sheer, and not particularly flattering for my skin. It feels very nice, soft, and balmy against the lips.

Kepaclub Maxi Lip Tint Glow swatch


Whoever chose the products for this theme knew what they were doing. None of the items feel out of place. Theme-wise, this is the strongest box I’ve received.

The products aren’t the best fit for me, but the concealer and nail polishes will definitely be used.

Box value

This box cost $23 plus $6.99 in shipping. It contains eight full-size products.

Product Stated retail value
Kskin Bulgarian Rose Pheromone Perfume $12
Forest Story Water Essence Hair Perfume $3
A.m.oK cosmetics N.S.M Soft moose Waterproof Liquid Line $18
Secret-Stargirl S-Style 2set $11
Croquis Dual Concealer $32
A.m.oK cosmetics N.S.M Special Nail Lacquer 2 × $10
Kepaclub Maxi Lip Tint Glow $23
Total box value $119
Since writing this review, Memebox has changed significantly. They no longer publish frequent & interesting boxes, and they no longer ship outside of the US.

Collaboration #1 Memebox X Pink Diary

As the name indicates, this Memebox is a collaboration with Sharon of the blog The Pink Diary. Sharon has a very different style than me, so this box will be interesting. Let’s open it up!

Hope Girl Tinted Lip Balm 01 Strawberry

Hope Girl Tinted Lip Balm 01 Strawberry

Scented with a delicate strawberry fragrance, Hope Girl’s Tinted Lip Balm serves both as a lip tint as well as a lip balm. While the co-enzyme Q-10 and shea butter formula deeply nourishes your chapped lips, the lovely pink tint will leave your lips with a long-lasting radiance.

I’ve bought many lip balms like this, with or without tint, over the years. Usually as an emergency purchases when I’m out and about, finding myself in dire need of lip balm but have forgotten to bring one with me. Typically the product will be used that day only, and then forgotten in a drawer somewhere.

This is not a fault of the product, but entirely of the packaging. I simply don’t like balms in jars, and I don’t like applying lip products with my fingers. It’s sticky and messy and can quickly get outright disgusting.

So while this seems a fine product — although all lip balms seem about equal to me — I doubt I’ll use it. I may keep it with my makeup and use it pre-lipstick, when I’m wielding a lip brush anyway.

Hope Girl Tinted Lip Balm 01 Strawberry swatch

There’s a very light pink tint. The strawberry fragrance is mild enough to not offend my scent-sensitive nose.

Croquis crayons

A-ha. There’s two Croquis crayons included in this box, and one of them is for lip use. I don’t feel so silly for assuming the crayon in the Waterproof Makeup box was a lip product now.

Croquis Lip & Blush 10 Pink Brown and Eye Shadow & Blusher 04 Go

Croquis Lip & Blush 10 Pink Brown

The famous Lip & Blush from Croquis can be applied on both your lips and cheeks for a natural and well-blended pink that gently enhances your complexion. While this shade itself might seem light and shimmery, it will leave your lips and cheeks with a long-lasting radiance.

I don’t see much brown in this “pink brown” shade, which is just as well. I can’t wear brown anything on my lips at all, it just looks like dirt. Instead this looks like a pleasantly pink shade which is just a touch darker than my natural lips. This will be excellent for those days when I wake up and find a pale grey ghost in the mirror.

Croquis Lip & Blush 10 Pink Brown swatch

The colour is very sheer; the swatch is about ten swipes.

This applies like a balm, and continues to feel like a balm long after application. I’m not trusting it to last long, but it’s not a crisis if a subtle shade like this wears off.

Croquis Eye Shadow & Blusher 04 Goldy Brown

When blended in with a darker color shadow and a liner, Croquis’ waterproof, cream-type crayon can create a shimmery peach gradiation eye makeup! It smoothly glides onto your eye contours, giving it a nice, silky finish without being clumpy or sticky.

Yup, the description is exactly the same as in the Waterproof Makeup box.

I feel the colour of this crayon is less gold and more bronze. Which is great, as I’ve been wanting a bronze for my autumn colour lineup. The swatch is refusing to budge from my arm, which gives me some hope this could actually survive on my eyelids for more than ten minutes.

Screw using this on the cheeks, though.

Croquis Eye Shadow & Blusher 04 Goldy Brown swatch

Now that I have three Croquis crayons, a problem is surfacing: The crayons all look the same. There’s nothing to indicate a given crayon’s intended use. There’s some writing in korean on the crayons — which I can’t read — but as far as I can tell it’s exactly the same for both Lip & Blush crayons and Eye Shadow & Blusher crayons. I’ll either have to mark them somehow, and/or hope they are all lip-safe and eye-safe.

Banila Co. Prime Primer Classic

Banila co. Prime Primer Classic

Prep your face with the ultimate Banila Co. Prime Primer! Banila Co. is one of Korea’s cult favorites and this primer is one of its longest standing bestsellers. It’s a must-have classic that smoothens out any unevenness in skin texture by filling in all fine lines and enlarged pores. It also coats your face with a protective layer for optimum moisture retention while preventing your skin from getting oily.

The description makes Banila Co. out to be a big, famous brand. I find this intriguing, as other sources tell me Banila Co. are small and kinda ignored, and this primer is one of the few products that justifies their continued existence. I can’t verify either claim easily, but it’s interesting. Anyway…

Primers are another product that seem more similar than different to me. This one is clear and does the skin-smoothing thing that primers do. It’s very similar to Maybelline Baby Skin, but does perhaps feel a little bit lighter on the skin.

Tosowoong Black Sugar Facial Scrub

Tosowoong Black Sugar Facial Scrub

All natural, and made from sugar, sunflower seed oil, portulaca extract, huttuynia cordata and various other minerals and vitamins, the Black Sugar Facial Scrub works to remove stubborn blackheads, excess sebum, and dead skin cells without dehydrating your skin. It will leave your face glowing with a natural radiance.

This is not a product I would have purchased myself. Peels and scrubs just don’t seem to do much for my skin, so I tend not to bother. I’ve also heard some fairly convincing explanations on how sugar scrubs can be too harsh for the face, so I’m really not keen on this product.

I guess I could use it as a body scrub, except I don’t really feel a need for those either. Most likely I’ll use this once and then forget it in a cupboard somewhere.

L.vida Nail Polish LC-06 Baby Angel

L.vida Nail Polish LC-06 Baby Angel

Pamper your nails with L.vida’s bright, beautiful nail polish colors that last. This collection is formulated with a unique combination of resins and waxes that provide a fast drying, long-wear shine.

Very cute little nail polish with decorative flower. I like. Many points for presentation.

The colour looks suspiciously like yet another so-sheer-you-can-barely-see-it bridal pink, AKA “colour I don’t see the point of”. We’ll see. I’ll do a proper manicure with it, as soon as I can be bothered to peel Gumdrop off my nails.

Pencil Sharpener

In addition to the products listed, I also received a pencil sharpener. It’s exactly the same as in the Waterproof Makeup box, and I now have enough pencil sharpeners to keep one in every bag and still have a few to spare.

All in all, this box is a little meh. The crayons are quite nice. The primer is useful, but not exciting. I remain cautiously optimistic about the nail polish, but the lip balm and the sugar scrub are pretty much wasted.

Box Value

This box cost $23 plus shipping.

Product Stated Retail Value
Hope Girl Tinted Lip Balm 01 Strawberry $12
Croquis Lip & Blush 10 Pink Brown $17
Croquis Eye Shadow & Blusher 04 Goldy Brown $17
Banila Co. Prime Primer Classic $22
Tosowoong Black Sugar Facial Scrub $12
L.vida Nail Polish LC-06 Baby Angel $6
Total Box Value $86
Since writing this review, Memebox has changed significantly. They no longer publish frequent & interesting boxes, and they no longer ship outside of the US.

Gosh Yellow Doll

Gosh Yellow Doll

I have a sudden craving for chartreuse. I want chartreuse eye shadow, eye liner and nail polish. Especially chartreuse nail polish, to brighten up this sad, grey weather we’re having. I want all the chartreuse, and I blame Brightest Bulb in the Box.

But I don’t have any chartreuse anything.

I scoured my nail polish collection, certain I would find something. According to cute boy, I have more nail polish than he’s ever seen, so surely I would have a neglected chartreuse stashed away somewhere?

Between assorted mints and grassy greens I found Gosh Yellow Doll, the only vaguely chartreuseish candidate in sight, and on it went.

Gosh Yellow Doll

The only thing I can say what the crap is this crap. Despite the green tinge this polish has in the bottle, it applies a pure yellow. A really, really bad yellow. At two coats it’s hideously transparent, patchy all over the place, and has randomly flooded or pulled away from my cuticles. What the crap. Why is this even in my collection?!

So I don’t have a chartreuse polish at all. I doubt I can be bothered to hunt down an OPI Fiercely Fiona at this point, but maybe Inglot can help me out?