I survived Pestaurant

Yesterday was Pestaurant Day in Mathallen here in Oslo. Pestaurant is an event where you can get free samples of foods made from insects — or what we here in the west have been conditioned to think of as pests.

Insects is one of the more obvious answers to the question of what a growing humanity will eat in the future, and the sooner we start treating insects as food rather than pests, the better. Pestaurant Day is a start.

So, what was served at the Pestaurant?

Locust falafel with tabasco and yoghurt
Locust falafel with tabasco and yoghurt

These are locust falafel with tabasco and yoghurt, and I had a hell of a time getting a picture of them. They kept disappearing before I could focus!

I thought they tasted pretty nice, but were way too spicy for my palate.

Ant chocolate
Ant chocolate

Very sweet white chocolate, with some nice crunchy bits in them. The crunchy bits were ants. Yup, those little black bits in the picture, that’s it.

Cricket cake
Cricket cake

Lovely chocolate cake with crickets. Very nice, but the whole cricket on top turned into a very dusty, dry powder when crunched.

Absolutely delicious chocolate & banana bread with mealworms. Would eat by the kilo.

I also asked for and got some mealworms separately. Just like the crickets, they turn into dusty powder when chewed. They’re much better as an ingredient.

Crickets fried in coriander and chili, topped with mango sauce. Tasted like spices and mango. I didn’t experience the dry texture with these; I think the sauce gave enough moisture to prevent the dryness.

Not all that special by itself, but I could see this working as part of a larger dish.

Honeyroasted locust
Honeyroasted locust

Of all the dishes, the honeyroasted locust with pistachio nuts was the easiest to get my hands on. I can’t imagine why. Tasty and crunchy, but all the flavours could’ve been a lot stronger.

In addition the prepared locust, I got one that was much earlier in the preparation process. Alone it didn’t really taste of anything, it was all crunch and no flavour — which seems to be a theme for the insects used in this tasting.

There was also a mealworm takoyaki being served, but that one disappeared before I could even make it to the table, and it wasn’t refilled during the time I was around. A great shame, as everyone kept saying how delicious it was.

My boyfriend couldn’t come along due to work, so I grabbed him a consolation prize on the way out: A delicious lollipop.


Nom nom.

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