Candy Japan, early February 2015

Candy Japan is a monthly subscription service that delivers every other week. As the name says, you get japanese candy. This is the shipment that was sent out in early february.

Puchi Pasuteru

Crunchy candy balls topped with chocolate in a number of random shapes. The candy balls are kind of dull, the chocolate is good, and the concept is excellent. All the fun of Rowntree’s Randoms but with chocolate. This pack contained ice cream cones, trains, pumpkins, ghosts, and space ships, among other shapes. I am so sold.

Limone Double Chocolate

Sugared lemon jelly covered in white and dark chocolate. The chocolate is very good, but I’m not a fan of citrus in other stuff, so I’ll pass on these.

Mini Boro

Tiny crunchy candies that turn into a horrible, dry powder when you eat it. Awful stuff. These should make suitable punishment the next time my gaming group is being bad.

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