Candy Japan, late november 2014

Candy Japan is a monthly subscription service that delivers every other week. As the name says, you get japanese candy. This is the shipment that was sent out in late november.

Grape candy floss

In this bag we found a sheet of pink candy floss. Hidden in the sheet was purple fizz rocks/powder. I wanted to take a picture of the contents because candy floss in a bag looked so odd, but the sour fizz against the sweet floss just tasted so good we ate it all before pictures could happen. I need someone to send me regular supplies of just this.

Wine gums

I think the wine gums in this were supposed to look like the cute creatures pictured on the bag, but the gums were so tiny you can’t really tell any detail. Taste was generically fruity. Not very exciting, but the bag disappeared within a couple of hours.

Rose chews

Chewy sweets with a hard shell. I didn’t notice any significant rosy scent while devouring the whole bag like a sugar-starved hermit.

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