Candy Japan, late october 2014

There are so many interesting subscription boxes out there — or in other words, my Lip Factory money quickly found somewhere else to go: Candy Japan. It’s a very simple service: Every other week, you get an envelope with japanese candy. Works for me!

The package don’t have names, numbers or any kind of identifiers, so I have to refer to them by their shipment period. My first envelope is from the late october shipment. There’s no product card or any kind of description included, so I have no extra info on any of the products.

This bag contains banana-flavoured foam monkeys, and a cardboard display you can assemble. I think it’s a game you can play with the monkeys? The kids in the instructions certainly look like they’re having fun.

These candies are a bit drier and firmer than foam candies I’m used to. Cute boy and I finished off the entire bag before I finished writing this review, so there were clearly no major complaints.

Individually wrapped, fruit-flavoured hard candies. There’s a pretty flower on each candy’s wrapping.

I can get similar candies in a dozen varieties from any shop around here. Like other candies of this type, they taste mostly of sugar and only vaguely fruity. Not a major hit, but they’ll keep forever, so they can stay in the back of a drawer and be re-discovered when someone’s desperately searching for a sugar fix.

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