Candy Japan, early november 2014

Candy Japan is a monthly subscription service that delivers every other week. As the name says, you get japanese candy. This is the shipment that was sent out in early november.

Dry chocolate balls filled with a sweet, green filling. So delicious cute boy and I nearly snorted the bag between us.

Based on the pictures on the bag, we though these single-wrapped sheets were bubblegum. They are not. They are wine gum sheets that taste of rubbery sadness.

Sweet biscuit sticks with a coating, that’s pocky, right? I guess that makes this Poképocky. I’m not entirely sure what the coating is on these, but it tastes kind of yoghurty.

I think pocky is kind of dry and dull, and would never buy it myself by choice. It’s okay when presented to me like this, though. At least the bag emptied somehow…

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