Memebox Superbox #44 No Makeup Makeup

No-makeup makeup is a damned neat trick to know, and one I have yet to master. Can the Memebox Superbox #44 No Makeup Makeup give me a quickstart here? We’ll see.

The description says:

Sure, the “I just wake up this pretty” look looks simple, but it’s actually one of the hardest looks to recreate! Play up your natural features with an always in style and always wearable barely-there makeup look. Let your skin do the talking with skin perfectors that allow for a flawless and luminous complexion and enhance your features with stunning and versatile natural colors that will give you a refined and elegant look. Finish off with a naturally pretty pout and rosy flushed cheeks, and you’ve just earned yourself a black belt in beauty.

No kidding it’s hard. Let’s have a look at the products.

Macqueen New York Mineral CC Cushion Cover

Macqueen New York Mineral CC Cushion Cover

This popular Mineral CC Cushion is wideligy acknowledged for its high level of UV protection and moisture, effective and long-lasting coverage, and its non-sticky, silky after touch previously unfounded in any other CC or Air Cushions. Dab away with the Mineral CC Cushion to feature the ultimate no-makeup look, because it’ll bring out the most natural and healthy-looking glow on your face! Plus, the high concentrates of bamboo water deliver instant soothing and cooling effect, making it perfect to be used in the summer times.

I love cushion foundations. They give a lovely, light coverage, have a pleasant cooling sensation on application, and are handy to carry and re-apply. I love them so much I opened this up despite knowing that #21 is just too dark for me.

Macqueen New York Mineral CC Cushion Cover swatch

Sigh. The downside of cushions is the unhygienic packaging. Since I had already contaminated this cushion with the swatch, I went ahead and tried it on my face. I managed to look at my mask-like visage for almost a full minute before frantically cleaning my face.

On the plus side, the compact case is re-usable. Just pop out the cushion by pushing firmly from the bottom.

I tried inserting the cushion into my Etude House Minnie Mouse case, but the two are not compatible. The Macqueen cushion is about a millimeter too big to fit.

Drww. Power Lift Strong Cream

Drww. Power Lift Strong Cream

Containing Omega 3.6.9, hyaluronic acid, and 5 different kinds of flower seed extracts, Drww’s Power Lift Strong Cream works to treat skin darkening and wrinkles. The best part of this cream, however, is in its function as a makeup booster. It can also be applied in small amounts along the T-zone for highlighting your features before or after makeup. What’s more, mix it in with a makeup base or a foundation and apply on your face for a naturally glowing and radiant complexion.

I can’t quite place where “makeup booster” belongs in a routine. It sounds kind of like a primer, kind of like a hilighter? A bit of experimenting shows that it works wonderfully as a very subtle hilighter.

Milky Dress Silky Velvet Primer

Milky Dress Silky Velvet Primer

The Silky Velvet Primer works to make your skin soft and silky before application of base makeup. Made from “USDA” patented organic ingredients such as rhodiola rosea root extracts, damask rose extracts, and rosemary leaf extracts, this primer is gentle and adheres thinly and smoothly to the skin, filling in all the uneven skin texture and fine lines & wrinkles for a long-lasting, velvet-like skin condition.

I’ve used a number of different primers, and they’ve all been quite similar: Transparent gel that makes the skin look smoother. But this stuff? It’s white, and does not go on transparent. It does not make the skin look smoother at all, quite the opposite — I haven’t seen my pores look this big and defined since Benefit hello flawless oxygen wow!

Hideous stuff. I don’t think I can swap this in good conscience, so I’ll probably just bin it.

DD’ell Gel Color Pot

DD'ell Gel Color Pot

A whitening, anti-wrinkle, brightening, and moisturizing facial essence Now this Gel Color Pot is a real multi-player when it comes to featuring a natural, no-makeup look. It works as a light snowy-colored shadow and a highlighter all in one! Its texture is cushiony and creamy when applied, and the sublte pearls and sophisticated color formation brings out the best in your complexion.

This seems like a pretty darned decent hilighter. I just wish the packaging was anything but a jar.

DD'ell Gel Color Pot swatch

It looks glittery on the swatch, but beautifully natural when applied lightly to the face.

ProYou Vita CC Lip Essence

ProYou Vita CC Lip Essence

Enriched with vitamin E, shea butter, jojoba oil, and macademia oil, this Lip Essence works to deeply moisturize dry, chapped lips and protect it from further dehydration by delivering nutrition from within. What makes this lip product so unique is that when applied, it’ll alter its color according to individual’s lip color and PH level. Thus, the vita CC Lip Essence will not only moisturize and care for your lips but also add natural color and radiance at the same time!

Oh, this is the gem of this box. The packing is big and awkward, but the product is outright amazing.

ProYou Vita CC Lip Essence swatch

Changing colour “according to individual’s lip color and PH level” sounds like so much woo to me, but this is a clear gel that does gain colour when touching skin. The result is shiny like a gloss, feels like the most intense lip treatment ever, and leaves a light, natural-looking stain.

I love this product to bits and want to have one in every strategic location.

Missha The Style Perfect Concealer

Missha The Style Perfect Concealer

The Style Perfect Concealer naturally covers up skin imperfections and dark circles and prevents skin tone from darkening throughout the day. The gentle formula soothes the skin yet at the same time strongly adheres to the skin for a long-lasting coverage.

I was overly optimistic about the cushion, but the handy window in the lid means I can clearly see this product is way too dark for me without even breaking the seal. Into the swap box unopened.


The type of products chosen for this box’ theme are good, but the actual products vary so much in quality and usefulness to make this box a gamble.

The description implies that a cheek colour product is included, but there’s no such product in the box.

Box value

This box cost $29 plus $6.99 in shipping. It contains six full-size products.

Product Stated retail value
Macqueen New York Mineral CC Cushion Cover $23
Drww. Power Lift Strong Cream $60
Milky Dress Silky Velvet Primer $30
DD’ell Gel Color Pot $16
ProYou Vita CC Lip Essence $24
Missha The Style Perfect Concealer $4
Total box value $157

The stated retail values feel even more inflated than usual in this box, but between the Power Lift Strong Cream, Gel Color Pot and Lip Essence, I think I got my money’s worth.

Since writing this review, Memebox has changed significantly. They no longer publish frequent & interesting boxes, and they no longer ship outside of the US.

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