Lip Factory September 2014

Lip Factory’s September box announces Autumn Arrives, with a product card in delicious autumn colours. It seems obvious that the contents will match the card, with perhaps a lovely orange eyeshadow and a deep orange or berry lipstick?

Lip Factory September 2014 product card

Hahaha, such optimism. This is a Lip Factory box we’re talking about, after all.

Ofra Lip Gloss

Ofra Lip Gloss

It’s a lip gloss. The product card promises an “ultra sheer” finish. The mere existence of this product is a waste of ingredients. Next.

JCat Beauty Jar Eyeliner

JCat Beauty Jar Eyeliner

I certainly don’t mind seeing a gel eyeliner, but the packaging makes me wary. I’ve only seen this particular jar on really cheap eyeliners that dry out ridiculously fast. It’s tiny, narrow, and it’s a long way down to the product. The included brush is only useful for applying goth amounts of liner.

JCat Beauty Jar Eyeliner swatch

The product is just a little bit too thick and dry to make for easy application. While it’s not hard to make this eyeliner seriously black, it’s difficult to get a smooth line. It dries very quickly.

I did a test application on my eyes. The line ended up very thick even when applied carefully, and I could very much feel the liner on my lids once it had dried. It had some light transfer after just half an hour, although my lids were unprepped. With some primer and powder this will probably perform okay, as long as you like thick eyeliner.

Angle eyeliner

Angle eyeliner

An unbranded angled brush. It’s small and reasonably sharp, and the bristles are comfortably soft. The product card does not mention what kind of hairs are used for this brush, but going by the look and feel I assume it’s synthetic.

Girlactik Pout Shine

Girlaktic Pout Shine

Another lip gloss. The packaging is cute. The product has separated and cracked inside the packaging. Next.

ModelCo Eye Shadow Trio

ModelCo Eye Shadow Trio

Well, this looks nice! The colours may not be exciting, but it’s a good combination for a very wearable everyday look. The size is handy, and the courtesy mirror in the lid isn’t too small to be usable. I like the window in the lid, too. Shame about the useless foam applicator, but everyone provides those.

ModelCo Eye Shadow Trio swatch

Unfortunately the pigmentation is nothing to write home about. The swatch shows the absolute most I could get out of these shadows; I jammed the foam applicator so hard into each shadow I’m surprised they didn’t crack. There’s also significant fallout from the matte middle shadow.

The shadows are a little more forgiving with a proper brush, and all in all this is a pretty good palette for someone who is worried about being heavy-handed. I’ll find a use for this on mornings where my makeup has to be foolproof.


I’m not impressed with this box. There’s nothing remotely autumny in this box, and all the products feel really cheap. I wouldn’t be willing to pay the stated retail value of any of these products.

I wonder why I’m still subscribing to this. Oh wait, I’m not. Because of this box I’ve finally cancelled my subscription.

Box value

This box cost $22 plus $10 in shipping.

Product Stated retail value
Ofra Lip Gloss $12.95
JCat Beauty Jar Eyeliner $5.99
Angle eyeliner $9.50
Girlactik Pout Shine $19.00
ModelCo Eye Shadow Trio $26.00
Total box value $73.44

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