Lip Factory August 2014

Lip Factory is am american subscription beauty box with a focus on lip products. I’ve subscribed to it for a few months, and my general impression so far is not very good. The boxes are sent out late each month, so shipping time ensures I won’t get it until the following month (and after I’ve been charged for the next box). The packaging was good for the first couple of boxes I received, with a black Lip Factory box inside a shipping box, but they dropped the inner box months back. The filler material inside the box is nasty brown paper strips, which is probably environmentally friendly but looks ugly and smells bad.

In opening the August 2014 box, the first thing I noticed was that all the products were covered in a fine brown dust. The exact same brown as the filler strips. I attempted to clean it off before photographing, so now I have brown dust everywhere on myself instead. Lovely.

There’s no theme to this box, so the products are a typical random beauty box selection.

LASplash Mineral Blush

LASplash Mineral Blush

Feeling cheeky? Open this month’s beauty box and discover a fabulous, long wearing cheek color to fit your most blushing of moods. This pure mineral blush will give you a beautiful, healthy tone that looks ultra natural. LASplash Mineral Blush creates a soft, radiant glow ideal for all skin types, including sensitive and problematic skin… So don’t be afraid to brush on this blush.

I got this in Beach Party, a pale pink with shimmer. I like the colour a lot, but I’m not sure I want shimmer in my blush.

This blush comes in the form of loose powder in a sifter jar. I’ve had loose powder blushes before, and when I say “had,” I mean I’ve thrown them all out.

I strongly doubt I’ll use this, so this goes into the swap box unopened.

LASplash Lip Lacquer

LASplash Lip Lacquer

We love our gloss here at the Lip Factory! This one from LASplash is a great addition to our addiction. Sheer coverage with a hi-shine finish is the perfect combination for the ultimate hydrated lips. Infused with vanilla mint this non-stick, moisturizing formula is enriched with nourishing Vitamin E and Shea Butter. Beautiful finish and good for your lips… sounds perfect to us!

I got this in Barely There.

It’s a lip gloss. I have never met a lip gloss I haven’t actively disliked or worse. I’ll pass.

Medusa’s Makeup Stick It Eye Primer

Medusa's Makeup Stick It Eye Primer

Train that eye shadow to sit and stay all day and night! Smooth a thin layer of this all natural primer on your lids and demand your eye products to stay put. It’s not only great for eye shadows but absolutely perfect for pigments. As an added bonus there’s no color to it, so it can easily be used on any and all skin tones.

The lid on this jar was loose when I took it out of the box, and the actual product is partially covered in a fine layer of brown dust. Lovely.

I will clean it up and use it, though. Without a good primer I may as well not bother with eyeshadow, so having a stash is essential. While I prefer my primers in packaging that doesn’t require tools to use, I haven’t tried this brand before and look forward to seeing how it performs.

Cult Nails Lacquer

Cult Nails Lacquer

All Cult Nails lacquers are made with a vegan friendly formula, contain no animal byproducts, and are never tested on animals! They are also free of Dibutyl Phalates (DBP), Toulene, Formaldehyde, Camphor, and Formaldehyde Resin.

The list of Scary Nail Polish Chemicals has grown from three to five in the last few years, and I see this one ticks all the boxes. I’m always annoyed to see this list, because it’s 80% scare-mongering. Less bullshit in my cosmetics, please.

That said, I love the look of this polish in the bottle, and I’ve heard many good things about Cult Nails. Looking forward to trying this.

I got this in Dance All Night. It applies about as well as a chunky glitter like this can.

Cult Nails Lacquer swatch

Pink Powder Parlor Lipstick

Pink Powder Parlor Lipstick

Our name isn’t Lip Factory for nothing! We can’t live without lippies around here. We feel like lipstick is pretty essential to complete a makeup look, and is one cosmetic that few women are ever without! You won’t be able to resist this lipstick from Pink Powder Parlor. This lipstick will glide on effortlessly and won’t slip and slide off your pout. It is Vitamin E enriched which has a soothing and healing property to it and adds much needed moisture to keep those lips, super, extra kissable and who doesn’t want that?

I received this in 301. There is no name or even brand markers on the packaging. Speaking of the packaging, this matte black tube doesn’t just look really stylish, it also offers noticable resistance when opening. This is not going to come open in my bag.

I initially thought this light pink would go on sheer, but nope. This is a full-coverage pink, and it actually doesn’t make my pale face look ghostly. That puts it on a very short list of wearable light pinks for me. Just a shame it’s arriving around autumn time, when I’m more likely break out the wines and berries.

Pink Powder Parlor Lipstick swatch

The texture of this lipstick is thick and bit dry. It doesn’t feel drying, but the product sensation is strong. I can very much feel that I have something on my lips, more so than with other lipsticks. It transfers lightly enough that I expect it will survive a cup of tea, and possibly a non-greasy meal.

Red Cherry False Lashes

Red Cherry False Lashes

Wanna add some glam to your completed eye look? We thought the answer would be yes, so we went ahead and added some lashes to your August box! These Red Cherry lashes are designed to create various effects and to naturally accentuate different eye shapes. Made of 100% human hair, these lashes come in various natural and glam styles to add instant wink to your eyes.

I received these in #110. I’ve never worn false lashes, and should I decide to try, I don’t think these would be the place to start. They look kind of scary. Maybe for Halloween?


Lip Factory continues to be 50/50 on the hit and miss for me. The stated retail value for the items I’ll definitely use don’t add up to the price I paid for the box. I continue to wonder why I’m still subscribing to this.

Box value

This box cost $22 plus $10 in shipping.

Product Stated retail value
LASplash Mineral Blush $15
LASplash Lip Lacquer $9
Medusa’s Makeup Stick It Eye Primer $8
Cult Nails Lacquer $12
Pink Powder Parlor Lipstick $10
Red Cherry False Lashes $2.50
Total box value $56.5

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