Memebox Special #16 OMG Box

Today we’ll be opening up the Memebox Special #16 OMG Box. I have four boxes waiting to be unpacked, and I can tell you this is easily the heaviest of the four.

The description says:

Our O.M.G. Box will literally make you go “Huh?” “Hmmm…Cool!” because we’ve loaded this box up with weirdly awesome, yet effective beauty treasures that will work miracles for your hair, skin and body) If you’re a daring beauty enthusiast or beautyholic who is open to trying bizarre new trends, we dare you to take this beauty challenge!

I regularly shop for beauty items on eBay. If that doesn’t qualify me for “daring” and “open to trying bizarre new trends,” I don’t know what does.

Hope Girl Night Diva Gloss

Hope Girl Night Diva Gloss

This is a lip gloss with two different shades gradated together in a single product! Despite it being a gloss, the Night Diva Gloss is a non-sticky, smoothly spreading, and highly moist all in one. Also, it carries a built-in LED light and a mirror, so you don’t have to take out your hand mirror or visit the ladies room for a quick touch-up anymore!

A lip gloss? Is this some sneaky trick to set the “OMG” bar low? The built-in mirror and light is a nice touch, but not even close to an OMG.

In my opinion lip gloss is only good for making lipstick sliding off your lips at maximum speed, so I don’t use lip gloss. This product is so useless to me I’m not even going to bother swatching it. Perhaps I should start a swap box.

The colour of this product was chosen randomly. I received 04 Pink Candy.

SKINAZ Premium Vitablet

SKINAZ Premium Vitablet

You might wonder — what is a vitablet? Vitablet comes from combining ‘vitamin’ with ‘tablet’ and refers to SKINAZ’s unique tablet-type of vitamin cleanser rich in vitamin C and aroma oil. What’s so special about this is that it even takes care of skincare while cleansing with its skin beneficial formula containing more than 300g of vitamin C which is equivalent to 4.3 whole lemons. It’ll be like having done a nourishing vitamin pack!

The description is so vague that I did indeed go “Huh?”. For a moment I thought this was multivitamin supplement (which are utterly useless to me), but this is in fact a skincare product. You’re supposed to dissolve a tablet in water, and use the resulting mix as a cleanser or facial mist. It can also be used “for hair, bath, or even on babies,” so I have some serious doubts on its efficacy as a cleanser. I’ll try it as a face mist if I can locate a suitable spray bottle.

Yes, that is a silica packet in the bottle, your ridiculously sharp eyes do not betray you.

SKINAZ The Kissable 24H Lip Tattoo

SKINAZ The Kissable 24H Lip Tattoo

SKINAZ takes lip makeup to a whole new level with its Lip Tattoo! This’ll be the ultimate no-makeup makeup since it actually works like an impermanent color tattoo on your lips and does not smudge or gets erased for 24 hours long. Plus, it comes in five lusciously radiant colors.

On weirdness factor alone, this product justifies this box. No, seriously, let me youtube this shit up for you.

You apply the suspiciously lip gloss-looking product to your lips, let it dry for a few minutes, then peel off the outer layer, leaving only the stain behind. Yeah, really. It’s so unlike any other product I’ve tried that I immediately ordered two more colours.

The product is a little tricky to use:

  • The application is not precise at all. You just have to slather it all over.
  • While the product is drying, it feels like your lips are getting stuck together with glue. Not pleasant.
  • The peeling phase is nowhere near as easy as in the video. I had to peel off little bits at the time, and didn’t feel like I got it all off.
  • Shortly after peeling, my lips felt painfully dry. Applying lip balm on top is pretty much required.

The resulting stain is very nice, and lasts through lip balm, drinking, and eating with no noticable transfer or fading. It does not last for the stated 24 hours, though. Four to eight is more realistic.

The product has a distinct fruity scent that thankfully fades upon application. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more Lip Tattoos in Scentbox #5 Tropical Fruits.

The colour of this product was chosen randomly. I’m not sure which colour I received, as there is nothing on the box or tube to indicate the colour — not in english, anyway. My best guess is Lovely Pink.

Pure Smile 3step Bust Pack

Pure Smile 3step Bust Pack

This is a quick 3 step process for taking care of your bust, especially recommended to be used before wearing a bikini! The gommage, the hydro-gel pack, and the cream are enriched with various nutritious ingredients for maintaining your bust skin soft and well-moisturized.

It’s a single-use pack of exfoliator, mask, and moisturiser for your breasts. Doesn’t sound all that special to me, so let’s talk about the lady on the packaging instead.

Just look at her. Doesn’t she just have the exact facial expression that you see on a female porn star when her male co-star drops his trousers? It’s like the skincare equivalent of a Greg Land comic. No, don’t follow that link while at work.

Now that I’ve completely ruined this product, let’s move on to the next.

Elizaveccy Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

Elizaveccy Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

This is the ultimate one-step facial mask with both pore care and cleansing functions. Not only is it packed with green tea extracts, pomegranate extracts, and charcoal extracts, this Clay Mask contains carbonated water which starts to bubble up the very moment it’s applied on your face and deeply penetrates into your pores for getting all the gunk out without having to harden up like average clay masks.

This is the order the products are listed in on the description card, I did not intentionally put the product with “facial” and “penetrate” in the description after the pornfacey product. It’s definitely something I would do, but just for the record, in this case, I didn’t.

Are we done with the giggling now? Good.

I’ve never used a classic clay mask. They look ridiculous, and I’m not at all convinced face masks in general have a purpose beyond the mental effect of self-care. These factors haven’t stopped me from buying a big pile of korean sheet masks, but still.

This particular mask sounds like it would be funny to use, and I’m pretty sure the packaging is trying to convince me that pigs have amazing skin and therefore clay masks must be just as amazing. I’ll give it a try the next time I need a moment of self-care.

Big bonus points for having a space for the spatula underneath the lid! I have so many spatulas littering my bathroom, but at least this one won’t get away so easily. And let’s be honest, a bonus point for the cute pig, too.

Ladykin Aqua Exfoliator for Body

Ladykin Aqua Exfoliator for Body

In Korea, going down to a local public bath for a nice scrub is a very common and popular thing. You can get a quick glimpse into the world of ‘body scrubs/exfoliators’ with this gentle exfoliator from Ladykin! Enriched with cellulose components from papaya and pineapple extracts, this Aqua Exfoliator for Body removes all bodily dead skill cells and unecessary impurities without having to scrub down hard enough to stimulate your sensitive skin. All you need to do is spray this product all over your body and softly roll away the dead skin cells, for cleaner, fresher, and smoother body skin!

You’re supposed to use this after showering and drying. Just the thought of standing there, rolling off dead skin, after a shower is enough to make me want another shower. It sounds so disgusting I can’t imagine I’ll even try this.

Out of six products I like one, I will try three, and I’m utterly disgusted by one. With the exception of the Lip Tattoo none of them are OMG-worthy.

Box value

This box cost $29 plus $6.99 in shipping. It contained all full-size products, with one being a single-use pack.

Product Stated Retail Value
Hope Girl Night Diva Gloss $22
SKINAZ Premium Vitablet $46
SKINAZ The Kissable 24H Lip Tattoo $18
Pure Smile 3step Bust Pack $6
Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask $46
Ladykin Aqua Exfoliator for Body $14
Total Box Value $152
Since writing this review, Memebox has changed significantly. They no longer publish frequent & interesting boxes, and they no longer ship outside of the US.

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