Memebox Special #15 Waterproof Makeup

I took an interest in beauty boxes earlier this year, and my favourite service so far is Memebox. Rather than being a subscription service, Memebox lets you order single boxes. The contents is still a mystery, but each box has a theme to help you decide.

Memebox is stupidly addicting, so I may as well be useful and review the avalanche of boxes I’m receiving. Here we go, with Memebox Special #15 Waterproof Makeup!

The included description says:

This summer, look out for the Waterproof Makeup Box! Loaded with only makeup items that passed our “all-proof test”, this Waterproof Makeup Box defies the laws of makeup with its all-day long lasting staying power. From eye makeup to lip and skin makeup, it has got only the best waterproof and sweat-proof products that are sure to last all throughout the day! You’ll look like a million bucks all day long! No smudging or smearing, you’ll never have to carry around your makeup pouch around ever again!

The description is overly excited and could do with some proofreading. The theme for this box is a bit oddly timed — a summer box as we’re nearing the end of summer? Still, cute boy and I are taking a holiday somewhere hot in october, so that will extend this box’ usefulness this year.

Y.E.T. Mission Impossible Lip Marker

Y.E.T. Mission Impossible Lip Marker

Highly waterproof and long-lasting, the Mission Impossible Lip Marker glides smoothly and leaves a radiant yet naturally-gradiated stain on your lips. It’s rich in avocado oil, rosehip extracts, and macadamia oil, and thus maintains your lips moist and supple as well.

A brightly coloured lip stain in crayon format? Was this product made especially for me? I’m not convinced about the blending sponge at the end, but apart from that this product ticks all my boxes.

The colour of this product was chosen randomly. I received 01 Ruby.

Y.E.T. Mission Impossible Lip Marker swatch

The colour is a bit warmer than I prefer, but wearable. It applies evenly and opaquely, and feels like a thick balm on the lips.

Cheek Room Curl and Long Lash Mascara

Cheek Room Curl and Long Lash Mascara

Cheek Room’s famous Curl and Long Lash Mascara will add volume and strength to your short, thin eyelashes for a long-lasting, perfectly waterproof finish. The olive oil and resin components allow it to apply smoothly with a silky finish without clogging the lashes.

It’s a black mascara. Like all mascaras, the description makes incredible claims.

I like the skinny brush, but I just can’t get excited over a plain black mascara. It’s useful, but that’s it.

Enesti UV Cut Sun Block SPF50

Enesti UV Cut Sun Block

Enesti’s new UV Cut Sun Block is not only waterproof with a strong UV protection level but is also highly effective in toning out excess sebum and enlarged pores. Its gentle formula based on green tea and rosemary extracts works as a strong protective agent against the sun and other external toxins.

So this is a sun block that protects against “external toxins.” What does that even mean? What are these external toxins? Still, sun screen and sun block are expensive, and that goes double for sun products that are suitable for wearing under makeup. I’ll find a use for this with just a small amount of annoyance.

From the description, it sounds like this could double as a primer, or at least make a primer less necessary. It’s also a pretty small bottle at 40ml, so this should be a useful travel item.

Rubelli Water Glow BB Cream

Rubelli Water Glow BB Cream

The illite powder component of the BB Cream works to adhere tightly onto enlarged pores, covering and evening them out into a very natural, brighter tone. This smart BB Cream not only contains anti-wrinkle, brightening, UV protection functions but it also makes your skin to look most natural and supple, as if you’ve just applied a moisturizing ampoule.

Wow. The description is clearly catering to the “BB creams are magic” crowd. It’s making me cringe a little.

Rubelli Water Glow BB Cream swatch

I’m stupidly pale, so if I can’t choose the shade, a BB cream or other foundation product is likely to be a waste for me. This one looks to be a tiny bit too dark, but with careful blending it will probably work on my extremely lightly tanned summer face.

It feels a bit greasy on the skin, as waterproof foundations tend to do.

Color Bucket Flash Pop-up Geller

Color Bucket Flash Pop-up Geller

Color Bucket is the new brand launched by Touch In Sol — a very famous Korean makeup brand renown for being in charge of numerous K-Pop idols’ makeup) This ‘Geller’ is a waterproof, gel-type eyeliner that comes in 10 different pop-up colors and glides onto your eyelids smoothly with an extremely long-lasting finish.

I like gel eyeliners in pencil form, and this seems one of the better ones. It goes on smoothly with no tugging. Staying power is pretty good; water or even rubbing with a towel doesn’t move this colour at all. It even puts up a fight against oil-based makeup remover.

The colour of this product was chosen randomly. I received 10 Flash Purple.

Color Bucket Flash Pop-up Geller swatch

I like the colour, but I’m not too big on the glitter.

Croquis Eye Shadow & Blusher 06 Shimmer Peach

Croquis Eye Shadow & Blusher 06 Shimmer Peach

When blended in with a darker color shadow and a liner, Croquis’ waterproof, cream-type crayon can create a shimmery peach gradiation eye makeup! It smoothly glides onto your eye contours, giving it a nice, silky finish without being clumpy or sticky.

If I hadn’t read the description card, I would have assumed this to be a lip crayon and discarded it, as I really don’t wear this kind of colour on my lips. As a blusher, I’ll keep it around. I’m not too fond of cream eyeshadows — my hooded lids tend to just eat them — but I might give it a try.

Croquis Eye Shadow & Blusher 06 Shimmer Peach swatch

I’ve actually wanted a blusher of this colour recently, so this is brilliant.

Pencil Sharpener

In addition to the products listed, I also received a pencil sharpener. Presumably it goes with the Croquis crayon, as the Mission Impossible marker and the Color Bucket pencil are both twist-ups.

Product Retail Value
Y.E.T. Mission Impossible Lip Marker $12
Cheek Room Curl and Long Lash Mascara $9
Enesti UV Cut Sun Block $15
Rubelli Water Glow BB Cream $24
Color Bucket Flash Pop-up Geller $10
Croquis Eye Shadow & Blusher 06 Shimmer Peach $17
Total Box Value $87
Since writing this review, Memebox has changed significantly. They no longer publish frequent & interesting boxes, and they no longer ship outside of the US.

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