Inglot summer palette

I got tired of digging through my eyeshadow collection for the right colour in the morning, bought a ten-well palette, filled it up with suitably seasonal colours …

… and the recent heat wave ends and there are proto-rivers running down the streets. Sigh.

Here are the colour numbers, anyway:

1 2 3 4 5
395 355 342 329 391
345 359 449 415 71

2 thoughts on “Inglot summer palette

    1. Overall, Inglot have the best eyeshadows I have ever tried. After getting some Inglot shadows I’ve outright thrown out large parts of my old collection!

      Their other stuff seems a bit variable:
      The lipsticks I’ve tried are okay to good, none of them have been amazing.
      The bags have pretty terrible zippers!
      Eyeliners range from pretty good to bad-but-not-useless.
      I haven’t decided on their nail colours, but the quick-dry top coat is quite good.
      I couldn’t comment on their foundations and concealers, as they don’t go pale enough for my ghostly skin.

      So, Inglot is easily my first stop when I need an eyeshadow, but I’m likely to look elsewhere for other products.

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