Gosh Yellow Doll

Gosh Yellow Doll

I have a sudden craving for chartreuse. I want chartreuse eye shadow, eye liner and nail polish. Especially chartreuse nail polish, to brighten up this sad, grey weather we’re having. I want all the chartreuse, and I blame Brightest Bulb in the Box.

But I don’t have any chartreuse anything.

I scoured my nail polish collection, certain I would find something. According to cute boy, I have more nail polish than he’s ever seen, so surely I would have a neglected chartreuse stashed away somewhere?

Between assorted mints and grassy greens I found Gosh Yellow Doll, the only vaguely chartreuseish candidate in sight, and on it went.

Gosh Yellow Doll

The only thing I can say what the crap is this crap. Despite the green tinge this polish has in the bottle, it applies a pure yellow. A really, really bad yellow. At two coats it’s hideously transparent, patchy all over the place, and has randomly flooded or pulled away from my cuticles. What the crap. Why is this even in my collection?!

So I don’t have a chartreuse polish at all. I doubt I can be bothered to hunt down an OPI Fiercely Fiona at this point, but maybe Inglot can help me out?

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