From the feminist armoury

It’s International Women’s Day, and I have, unfortunately, been far too ill to join the protest march downtown. It’s an important one, as our new government is trying to casually restrict access to abortion, hiding it in the language of “rights” and “conscience,” and telling women we “don’t understand” when we protest. Thankfully I would have been just one voice among many, had I been there.

Over ten thousand people showed up at Youngstorget to protest.
Foto by Ingunn Andersen for NRK.

Instead I’ve been home, playing Diablo 3. Which is somewhat ironic on this day, as the game contains Blizzard’s usual helping of sexism, racism and lack of original storytelling (hello Kerrigan, I mean Sylvanas, I mean Leah). And yet … the game won’t let me forget.

Chivalry Blocker
Chivalry Blocker

I present to you the feminist shield of choice, the Chivalry Blocker. Anyone who has experienced street harassment will appreciate the added resistance and reduced damage from melee attacks, and extra intelligence is always useful.

May your abortions be safe and legal, and all your days free of sexism, benevolent or otherwise!

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