Everything, all at once

We should’ve just stayed on holiday.

We came home on friday to find our toilet blocked. Annoying, but not a huge problem. We don’t have the required supplies to unblock in the house, but we’ll head out on saturday to get them. We need to buy food, anyway, since our cupboards are post-holiday skint.

Come saturday, we grab our bikes and head downtown. We park at the big cycle parking spot outside a shopping center, where we usually park, and head off. We stop by the sports shop to get me a bike mount for my new heart rate monitor, and end up buying some backpacks and cycling shorts, too.

We pass the bike parking on our way to grab some lunch, and all is well. We pass it again on our way to the hardware store where we grab the unblocking supplies we need. Now we’re done with the things we need to do, and it’s still early, so we decide to go for a ride before we head home. We pop into Burger King to borrow the toilets and switch into our new cycling shorts, head back to the bike parking, and …

Bike lock that has been sawn through
Sad remains of bike lock. Also, my feet.

… the boyfriend’s bike is gone. Only the sawn-through lock is left on the ground. A girl sitting nearby says she saw “two drunk guys” messing with the bike, and she tried to call the police, but failed somehow.

The boyfriend heads off to the nearest police station. I and a wonderfully helpful stranger (thanks a bunch, Len! It’s appreciated!) look around for the bike, just in case the thief is still nearby, but have no luck.

Now here comes the kick in the teeth: As the boyfriend and I leave the police station, I spot the bike. The thief is riding the stolen bike down the road in front of the police station. Unfortunately, he has a head start on us, and nobody manages to stop him. He disappears down a side street and is gone.

We give the police a description, and they scope out the area he disappeared in, but still no luck. We look around downtown until all hope is lost, and barely get into a grocery shop before it closes.

We manage to leave the groceries behind. It starts raining on our way home, and we’re soaked to the skin before we hit the door.

Our toilet is still blocked.

We should’ve just stayed on holiday.

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