Departure report, going to England

08:30. Thanks to the flu, I’ve only slept for about five hours. I’m awake, and I’ve done the final bit of packing.

09:15. Stomach rejects the idea of breakfast, due to morning, flu, or both.

09:30. I put on some makeup to avoid getting thrown off the plane due to looking like I have the plague.

09:40. Twenty minutes until the airport coach leaves, a ten-minute walk away on a regular day. Today, however, the ground is covered by ice, and it’s raining. The sidewalks are death traps.

Death trap in progress

10:05. Plan B engaged. We are on our way downtown to take the express train instead.

10:50. We arrive at the airport, cold, wet, and miserable, but still on time. We immediately walk into a massive queue, but luckily it’s going elsewhere.

Queue going elsewhere, thank fuck

11:00. Not carrying a computer means unpacking for security is a minimal job.

My pockets are empty, I wear no belt or jewellery; the metal detector goes off anyway. On the third try it decides all is well after all. Security lady looks confused.

Cute boy is picked out for random search.

11:05. The light blinks, taking down the boards. Go emergency lights.

In the dark!

11:10. Speakers announce expected delays all over due to weather conditions. So many flights are delayed our flight is pushed off the boards.

Very glad I’m not working the SAS service desk; the queue is long and looks hostile.

12:00. 25 minutes until our flight’s expected departure. Still no info on the boards.

12:05. Our gate is announced at last. There is, however, a different plane there, being loaded as fast as humanity allows.

12:09. Our flight is officially delayed.

So that’s my day so far. I hope yours is better.

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