Coastal Scents COAT

I love cheap polishes. I love creme finishes and flakies. I love strong colours. Of course I will buy Coastal Scents’ COAT polishes!

I wish I could say these polishes made me outrageously and deliriously happy. Yay, cheap polishes! However, the fact is that they are worth what you pay for them, and no more.

The Universe polishes are interesting, but Nebula, which looks deliciously purple in the bottle, is a clear blue on the nail. The black base of Cosmic makes it hard to work with, although I will layer it over a proper black before writing it off.

The Botanicals have my beloved creme finish, and Carnation is certainly a bright, strong colour. It’s a little gloopy, but nothing you can’t handle with careful application.

The Flavour line is the big disappointment for me. I would dearly love to have opaque cremes in those colours, but when the description says hint of pink, it means exactly that. Cotton Candy isn’t even visible on my nails. Vanilla and Cappuccino at least smooth out my nail colour a little, but the look of my natural nails is not nearly nice enough to pull off sheer polishes like this.

I may get a few more from the Botanical inspired polishes, but I’ll wait until there’s a sale on.

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